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The PURE Partner Program is unique in the sports supplement industry. We know how important a co-ordinated approach is to an individual achieving their goal, so we think its best to have “boots on the ground” – in short a selected team of highly qualified professionals who can support our customer’s wherever they may be in the country. To do this we have developed our partner program.

Once approved you will be able to access a range of benefits including:

  • Qualified FREE leads
  • Free advertising to an extensive client base
  • Discount codes on our product range that earns you commission from day one
  • Technical updates
  • Access to our professional advisory network
  • Regular newsletters and offers

Getting Started

  • You need to agree to our partner program practice guide
  • Create a profile
  • Fill in your details including speciality, qualifications and experience – remember the more information you give us the better the leads will match your requirements)
  • Upload a picture
  • How far are you prepared to travel?
  • Ask people for testimonials and personal reviews – this helps to get more enquires
  • Agree to the partner rules

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