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A good well balanced diet is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle, but finding one that is right for you and helps you meet your goals is a bit more tricky, let our experts help you, this page is regularly updated with dieting advice, plans and useful information.

We all need a bit of support and encouragement in order to achieve our goals and stay on track. Our specialist team has selected a number of products that do just that, or you can drop Pure a line to meet a specialist trainer local to you to arrange for a one to one assessment.

Tips & Advice

What is HIIT Training?

HIIT Training is simply ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ that consists of short intense bursts of exercise with incorporated rest periods, which can also include active recovery time for those that want a more intense session!
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Top Tips For Training

Have you learnt how to customise your workout to overcome the daily challenges that life may throw at you? Do you understand how to structure your week in order to avoid overtraining, as well as to maximise your results?…So what’s left to learn? 
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How often to train

Regardless of your training goals and methods, if your training frequency is not planned with the same precision as other parts of your workout routine, you may be wasting your time and energy.
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Finding The Right Diet

I have never, in my years working within the fitness industry, known anybody successfully stick to a ‘diet’, and this is most likely down to the fact that they actually feel like they’re ‘dieting’; dieting automatically brings about the thought that you are cutting foods out and not allowing yourself the things that you enjoy most. For this reason, finding the right diet, one that you are able to sustain, is essential to your nutritional success.
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Good and Bad Foods

By splitting foods into these two categories, you are likely to encounter feelings of panic and disappointment when you realize that the foods that you like fall under the heading of ‘bad’. Here at PURE we believe that it is unreasonable to categorise them for the general population; all foods have their pros and cons and whether they are good or bad for you can depend on your goals as well as your health.  
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When and what should I eat?

By now, you should have a large part of your nutritional plan worked out. You should know how many calories you require on a daily basis, what sort of deficit to create according to your goal and what ratio of the food groups to be consuming in order to meet your calorific needs; in addition, you should also be aware of which foods provide the best nutritional values and contain the nutrients that your body needs.
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A Little Bit Of Help

A little bit of help is all we sometimes need to remain focused and on the correct pathway. This guidance should be on tap, when working together with a personal trainer, but not all of us have that luxury.
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Variety and Motivation

One appeal of hiring a Personal Trainer is for the variety and motivation that they provide, that is if you are able to afford one to begin with, but they’re not always going to be by your side.
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Get the most out of your Trainer?

A Personal Trainer should do as their name implies – provide training sessions that are personal to you. They should make it easy to develop a good, solid relationship, which is extremely important if you are to achieve your goals, as you are more than likely to spend a lot of time in their presence or at least in contact with them; being open, honest and comfortable with them is key.
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