Chocolate protein recipes

Obviously, a whey protein powder shake – like with Pure Lean or Pure Gain – is the standard and go-to method of incorporating protein powder. But did you know there are...
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Pure Lean - Sculpt & Shape

We’re thrilled that the recent ‘fitness movement’ the world has been experiencing has been leading individuals to desire a lean, muscular figure rather than a too-thin, too-svelte body type. Nowadays,...
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Protein: Filling you up

One of the major perks of getting lots of protein in your diet is that it actually signals to your brain that you’re full, curbing your appetite and making it...
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Pure Gain Muscle Builder

We get it – sometimes it can be easier said than done to put on the muscle mass you’re looking for. You’ve made some serious progress in the gym but...
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Beautiful skin with whey

Whey protein boosts muscle growth and repair, enhances fat loss, gives you energy, helps with injury prevention, keeps you feeling full and works wonders for your skin too!
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Kick arthritis to the curb!

Kick arthritis pain to the curb! Arthritis is a common joint disorder involving inflammation. This inflammation results in joint pain and it can get in the way of day to...
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Keep your hair healthy!

Keep your hair healthy! Did you know that your hair is actually made up of protein? I mean, at this point, you’ve probably realised that pretty much everything is made...
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Whey protein before bed

Whey protein before bed Did you know that taking protein before you hit the hay can help you tremendously? You might be eating a diet rich in protein and taking...
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Whey to fight diabetes

Is there a whey to fight type 2 diabetes? First of all, let’s go over a little bit about type 2 diabetes. It has to do with high blood glucose...
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Become a smoothie master

Become a smoothie master with Pure Whey Protein! Smoothies are quick, easy, delicious, and healthy! And with the right ingredients, they taste more like you’re indulging in dessert rather than...
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Avoid soy – whey is the way

Avoid soy – whey is the way to go! There are a ton of types of proteins out there – so how do you know which one to choose? There’s...
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Safe for vegetarians!

One of the common complaints amongst vegetarians is not getting enough protein. It can be kind of tricky, on a plant-based diet, to make sure you’re getting all the protein...
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The right whey for women

Whey protein and women’s health If you’re a female fitness fanatic, you may find a harder time finding supplements that work exactly for you. Many servings and studies are based...
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Protein for the elderly

Whey protein for the elderly At any stage of life, regular exercise and eating well are extremely important. But these practices become even more essential as we age. Unfortunately, aging...
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Protein - keeping you sharp

Whey protein reduces age-related cognitive decline Unfortunately, as we age, our brains just aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be. This is what scientists refer to as unavoidable...
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